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A Pioneer of Applied Clinical Neuroscience

I have been blessed to be one of the pioneers of applied Clinical neuro-science and education of physicians for almost 40 years. I have also had the privilege to see thousands of patients from around the world. A crucial thing I’ve learned is the importance for patients to avail themselves the most current diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare opportunities.

The quality of one’s life as well as the ability to achieve great potentials in spite of injury and disability, is something that is extremely precious. When patients are in need, they call out for help and often times will find it in the wrong area or right next door. For those that have not been successful in these pursuits, it is a marvelous reality that we are able to put them in touch with physicians who are specialist in areas that will benefit them and their families.

Not all doctors are created equal and the ability to have a network of top healthcare providers allows us all to understand the different level of function we can achieve, despite things that might compromise our existence, is invaluable.

Having trained thousands of healthcare providers over the last four decades, I have been able to understand the quality that sets people apart. Knowing humanistic doctors that serve people at a level that our society demands is important. I do not make referrals without careful thought and deliberation. When I do, I need to be satisfied that the patient’s needs are met and that expectations will be satisfied to the highest level of possibility. While not every patient can be cured or every condition relieved, it is comforting to know there are doctors who are able to give us the greatest possibilities of success. Additionally, it is important to know that healthcare providers can minimize the downside of all possible bad outcomes. It is moreirnportant to know the practitioners that might maximize the upside.

I realized long ago that I would not be able to see all of the patients who sought this method of care. I am pleased and honored to witness the establishment of a network of healthcare providers, under the banner of the Plasticity Centers, who are trained to a level of expectation that serve the needs of so many people. I am not involved in this organization and neither do I have any disclosures or financial benefits to endorse them. I do have, however, have an ethical and moral responsibility to recommend them. I feel that they represent the best of what we have in the treatment of a variety of neurological disorders.

We are living in an exciting world with an explosion of technology that can assist in our healthcare. The technology at Plasticity Centers is novel, current, evidence-based, and established in both research and clinical applications. It is exciting to make a visit to these centers and just see what is now available. It really is mind-boggling to think of the advances in our understanding of the brain and nervous system. It is even more outstanding to realize that we now have this space-age technology available to help us when we are in need.

I am continually humbled by the superior efforts, dedication, and abilities of people that have trained with me and now are able to train others. We have a wonderful world that might be made better when the health of all the ones we love are improved. Neurological disorders, diseases, and trauma change lives and families. It is so important to be able to link to our potential, and I am convinced that the Plasticity Centers is one of the central offerings that can make a difference in our world.

– Ted Carrick, DC, PhD

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