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Our process can be summarized in four simple steps which outline exactly what clients can expect from any of our neurological therapy programs.

  1. You receive a comprehensive assessment to establish a baseline of your brain’s performance. To do this, we combine the information gained from our cutting-edge technology with the experience of our world-renowned doctors. Based on this assimilation of information, they create a personalized treatment plan for your unique brain and goals.
  2. You will begin treatment with a “Discovery Session.” This is a session designated for the clinician to implement the plan and see how you respond to it. It also allows them to make modifications that will deliver the best outcomes. From there, you will receive three (3) approximately one hour-long sessions each day for five (5) consecutive days. Each of these sessions consists of dozens of research-based, highly effective therapies and exercises that will activate your brain and facilitate the enhancement of new neural pathways.
  3. Throughout the week we utilize objective measurements to track and report your progress and adjust your therapy plan as indicated.
  4. On your discharge day, our team of Plasticity® doctors will make sure you are set up for success, providing you with an individualized at-home treatment plan and a referral if needed.

Because our therapies target specific neurological tasks and are applied frequently over the course of the week, many clients see significant improvement well beyond their expectations, sometimes before the mid-week checkup, and often before the end of the five-day treatment program.


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