What is Neuroplasticity?

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Regardless of your health state, your brain has an incredible ability to adapt, compensate, learn and improve function. This ability to reorganize and form new connections occurs through a well-known and researched concept called “neuroplasticity.” Neuroplasticity is a scientific concept that asserts a single fact: the brain is able to be shaped, or molded, by our environment throughout our entire life. This applies to injuries, as well as rehabilitation. Research is demonstrating that improvement, growth and adaptation can occur at all ages when exposed to “environmental potentials,” or in our case, neurological exercises.

Plasticity occurs in everyone and can be harnessed for performance optimization in neuro-typical (“healthy”) individuals, as well as those with a number of challenges, including developmental and learning challenges, degenerative conditions, genetic disorders, traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions, and more. With our customized Plasticity® programs, neural pathways can be rewired.

Our comprehensive and proven approach allows us to measure your brain’s functional state, locate specific impairments, and create neurological exercise programs to remold its neurological function. The results can range from symptom resolution —physical changes in things like coordination, muscle tone, endurance, balance — to cognitive enhancements such as improvements in attention, memory, fogginess, spatial awareness, reaction time, learning, behavior, social interaction and more.


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