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“l am so honored that you have chosen to place your health in our hands. For the past decade, members of our team have had the privilege of training with some of the pioneers and world-experts in neurology, and have participated in the care of thousands while they achieved their goals, and gained a better quality of life. When neuro-rehabilitation is implemented in a specific and concentrated fashion, the way that we deliver it in our intensive clinical model, you have the potential to experience improvements that you may have never thought were possible. You have made the right choice and we are ready to assist you to the best of our abilities. Science has revealed that our brain has a remarkable capacity for change — or “plasticity” — when stimulated properly. However, you must know that this is not a passive process. Our team of specialists will actively be working with you, challenging your brain to perform its best, almost like a team of ‘brain trainers’. The days will be long, the exercises will be challenging, but the results will speak for themselves.”

– Dr. Matthew M. Antonucci, Director of Neurological Rehabilitation and Optimization


“The quality of one’s life as well as the ability to achieve great potentials in spite of injury and disability, is something that is extremely precious. I have been blessed to be one of the pioneers of applied clinical neuroscience, the education of physicians, and the treatment of patients from around the world, for almost 40 years.

Having trained thousands of healthcare providers over the last four decades I have been able to understand the quality that sets people apart. The ability to have a team, and a network of top healthcare providers is absolutely invaluable.

The technology at Plasticity Centers is novel, current, evidence-based and established in both research and clinical applications. The clinicians associated with Plasticity Centers have been personally trained to my highest standards. I could not be more excited for the existence of such an institution to serve humankind. I am not involved in this organization and neither do I have any disclosures or financial benefits to endorse them. I do have, however, have an ethical and moral responsibility to recommend them.

I feel that they represent the best of what we have, in the treatment of a variety of neurological disorders. I am continually humbled by the superior efforts, dedication, and abilities of people that have trained with me and now are able to train others. We have a wonderful world that might be made better when the health of all the ones we love are improved. Neurological disorders, diseases and trauma change lives and families. It is so important to be able to link to our potential and I am convinced that Plasticity Centers is one of the central offerings that can make a difference in our world.”

– Ted Carrick, DC, PhD

What’s Next?

Please take some time to complete all the necessary information. You may click on the indicated links to access travel arrangement information, your appointment details, and important preliminary paperwork. lf you have any further questions, or need additional service, please do not hesitate to contact your personal concierge at the number provided in your initial welcome email. Thank you and we look forward to taking great care of you soon!

Warm regards,
Jamie Norman, Director of Patient and Professional Relations

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