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Creating Connections- Plasticity Teams-Up with the University of Central Florida

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Here at Plasticity® Centers, we strive to encourage the pursuit of knowledge and are excited to announce that Kenneth Jay, PhD, our research coordinator, will be following that dream by also joining the University of Central Florida’s faculty as an Associate Professor of Medical Education.

Harnessing The Power Of Your Brain

Plasticity® Centers was built on a passion for client care, technology, and neurology. We’re motivated by understanding our clients’ conditions and producing life-changing results through advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies. With thousands of variations of our exercises and innovative therapies, we create customized treatment plans for each client based on their individual brain function, challenges, and goals.

It comes as no surprise that our team holds that same enthusiasm for hospitality and care for others. Kenneth, also known as “KJ,” is a physiologist with a Ph.D. in Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics and has worked, clinically, with clients ranging from pain rehabilitation to Olympic-level performance. Both his experience and warm personality have made him an incredible member of the Plasticity® Centers family.

While still continuing his work with Plasticity®, KJ is excited to assist and encourage students to follow their dreams as he has and to nurture their curiosity for innovation and research. While working at Plasticity® Centers, Kenneth has and continues to, improve the well-being of many of our clients. His 20+ years of experience with the fitness industry and over a decade of consulting high-level athletes has ignited a deep fascination with the link between the brain and body. This interest to examine and explain the brain has extended toward his desire to boost students’ own inquires.

We are so proud of his journey into educating the next generation of medical professionals at the University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine. His love for designing, executing, and presenting groundbreaking innovative research has shined here at Plasticity® Centers and we have no doubt that his work and passion will continue to inspire students and others around him.

To learn more about KJ or any of our other team members, please contact us.

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