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Plasticity® Camp for Kids is a fun, engaging five-day “performance camp” for children up to 12 years old who may have developmental or neurological challenges that prevent them from living a more fulfilling childhood. While participants in the Plasticity® Camp for Kids receive similar treatments as the Plasticity® Recovery Program for their developmental, genetic, physical and/or cognitive challenges, they are coached completely differently. We make sure they know they are completely perfect in every way, but they have the potential to be even better … like a superhero! This fosters trust, confidence, engagement, and excitement in relation to their time with us. What you may observe while they are achieving superhero status is better attention, improved thinking/cognition, moving better, reading faster, better social interaction, and sometimes reducing the needs for medications.

This camp developed from a collaboration between our clinical team and past patients. Children are physically, neurologically, and emotionally different than teens or adults. The pre-teen years are pivotal times in neurological and emotional development and typically it is not until the age of 12 to 13 that a child can begin to recognize that they are “different” from their peers. Telling a child less than 13 years old that they “are different” and “need to be fixed” can have detrimental consequences on self-esteem. Our clinical team recognized this and additionally identified that from a clinical perspective, in comparison to teens and adults, children less than 13 years old need greater focus on vestibular and sensory-motor patterning and processing. These differences prompted us to develop the Plasticity® Camp for Kids.

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Paying for the Program

If you live in Florida, there is a way that your child may receive care from Plasticity® Centers and participate in Plasticity® Camp for Kids at no cost to you. The Gardiner Scholarship Program, offered through the Florida Department of Education, provides certain children who have developmental disorders, rare diseases, traumatic brain injuries, and certain learning disabilities with funds for education, educational supplies and health-related therapy services. Plasticity® Centers has been approved as a reimbursable therapeutic healthcare provider by the Gardiner Scholarship Program to treat recipients of the scholarship.

For more information on the Gardiner Scholarship Program and to see if your child qualifies for this scholarship, or to apply, please visit the Gardiner Scholarship Program website.

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