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With the Help of Plasticity Brain Centers Anna Wilson Defeats Her Concussion

ORLANDO, FL, April 06, 2017 — Anna Wilson is no ordinary student at Stanford University in California. In addition to being the younger sibling of one of the most recognized athletes in the country, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Anna is shining in her own spotlight as an elite point guard on Stanford University’s Women’s basketball team.

However, not too long ago, Anna’s basketball career was almost over before it ever began. In March of 2016, Anna suffered a concussion during practice for the McDonald’s All-American Game that nearly changed her life. For over 8 months, despite multiple therapies, the residual effects of the concussion left her “wobbly” affected her vision and took a significant toll on her ability to return to the game she loved and excelled in.

Her symptoms impaired her ability to concentrate, affected her mood and began to affect every facet of her life. The months following the initial incident transformed this confident young athlete into a shadow of her formal self. It was at this point, when she began to lose hope, that her brother Russ contacted his friend Sidney Crosby, a top athlete and NHL star player who had been through a similar scenario. He had been a patient of chiropractic neurologists, Dr. Ted Carrick and Dr. Matthew Antonucci, and had made a remarkable return after previously missing 20 games due to a concussion in 2011. Crosby recommended that Anna consult with Dr. Antonucci.

Taking her brother’s advice, Anna met and began treatment under the care of Dr. Matthew Antonucci and his team at Plasticity Brain Centers located in Orlando. Like so many other athletes before, Crosby, players from the USA Women’s Olympic Team, Swedish Olympic hockey medalist, Erika Holst, and many others, Dr. Antonucci was a last attempt to heal and reverse the impact of their injury.

At Plasticity Brain Centers, they are charting new territory in the use of non-invasive neurorehabilitation treatments, with a high degree of success. This revolutionary, research-based approach is built on a single scientific concept known as “neuroplasticity,” the scientifically proven concept that the brain, even when injured, is capable of learning, changing, and improving with significant potential for growth throughout a patient’s entire life.

Over the course of 5 days, Dr. Antonucci and the team of neuroscience experts and therapists at the center provided Anna with a personalized approach to addressing her individual condition, which included diagnostic testing to identify and understand the extent of her injury, followed by focused, intensive out-patient therapies designed specifically for her.

The results speak volume – five days later, Anna was unanimously cleared by the team’s doctors at Stamford, with all her concussion symptoms being placed behind her. For the first time in 8 months, her balance and vision issues no longer impaired her ability to return to the basketball court. In her first game after returning from Plasticity Brain Centers, Anna played 11 minutes, and scored 17 points, helping her team win by a huge margin.

“My team and I are dedicated to results; whether it is for an athlete, a parent, or a child. These stories of perseverance and triumph only further fuel our passion, commitment, and sense of obligation to deepen our investigation and development of novel treatments for neurological injuries and disorders,” says Dr. Antonucci.

Plasticity Brain Centers offer non-invasive neuro-rehabilitation based on a single scientific principle: “the brain is capable of learning and changing throughout a patient’s entire life.” The center’s neuroscience specialists and board-certified experts provide a revolutionary, research-based approach to neurological rehabilitation that is based on this scientifically-proven approach that the brain is capable of learning, changing, and improving with significant potential for growth. The experienced staff of therapists, doctors, and neurologists offer cutting-edge treatment for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries, degenerative brain diseases, and developmental disorders. Their approach, which combines effective sensory integration therapies with proprietary diagnostic technology, significantly improves neurological function and performance in as little as five days.

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