Ask the Experts:

(Detection, Treatment & Life After)

Saturday October 3rd at 12:00 PM EST


We know how tough it is to live with a concussion.

We will be hosting experts from different specialties, collaboratively discussing treatments that are helping patients regain quality in their lives.

Learn what is available and how we can help you, or a loved one, struggling after a concussion (no matter if your injury was two days ago or 20 years ago).

Let us help. We’ve lined up these leading professionals to get your questions answered.

Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty has been a Certified Athletic Trainer for 30 years, 18 of which with AdventHealth. During his tenure as an Athletic Trainer, Michael has worked with professional & collegiate sports team, theme park performers, and network television production stars. He is currently the Clinical Coordinator for AdventHealth’s Sports Concussion Program which works closely, and in partnership with, local high schools covering four Central Florida counties with over 50 schools and organizations. The program assists athletic directors, coaching staff, and their Athletic Trainers in the implementation of standard-of-care management of their athletes' concussions.

Lu Mueller-Kaul

Lu describes herself as “Skeptic everywhere, Naturopath in Germany, bodywork educator in Colorado, founder of Balance Orlando.” She has spent more than twenty years studying alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, various types of bodywork and massage therapy, and ran her own office as a naturopathic physician in Germany before moving to the US. As the physiology instructor at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, she likes to interest students in new research, particularly in neuroscience, to understand better how our treatments with manual therapy actually work on the brain as well as the soft tissues in the periphery.

Matthew M. Antonucci

Matthew M. Antonucci, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABCDD, FABVR, FABNN, FABBIR, FICC is the lead clinician and Director of Neurological Performance and Rehabilitation for Plasticity Brain Centers. With almost a decade of clinical experience, he has attended over 1,500 clients with complex neurological conditions. He has held private practices in Charleston (SC), and Atlanta (GA). He currently attends clients at PlasticityⓇ Centers. He is a tenured Associate Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the Carrick Institute, regularly lecturing both nationally and internationally on neurological rehabilitation. He has contributed to and published numerous research abstracts, and studies on the quantification of neurological function, efficacy, and accuracy of technology, as well as clinical outcomes of functional neurology interventions.

Dr. David Steenblock

Dr. David Steenblock, D.O, born in rural Iowa, is the interdisciplinary medical genius taking roads untraveled to find ultimate healing for his patients with a focus on stem cell therapies. He has devoted his career to the diseases which most ail and traumatize the human condition. Known often as the ‘Stroke Doctor’ he is credited with implementing adult (non-embryonic) stem-cells to significantly repair blood flow to the brain, gifting patients with a revitalization of balance, faculties, and normal sense-of-self.

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