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About Concussion Recovery at Plasticity®

At Plasticity® Centers, we understand that no two head traumas are the same. That means that not every concussion therapy program should be treated in the same manner. Our Plasticity® Centers five-day treatment program consists of customized treatment plans for each patient, which can help treat many of the symptoms associated with concussions. Backed by clinical research and findings, our program is designed to exercise and activate the brain in order to enhance cognitive function and sustain permanent change.
With each individualized treatment plan, we perform tests to analyze your condition and formulate the best course of action based on your unique brain. By the end of the week, you’ll notice significant improvement in your abilities, which may include processing, control, coordination, cognition, timing, speed, balance, symptoms, and quality of life. Contact us to see how Plasticity®Centers can improve your quality of life based on your unique situation.

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