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Congratulations, You've completed the Assessment!

Thank you for taking out Cambridge Brain Sciences cognitive screening. You just completed 3 out of the 20 cognitive assessments that we offer at Plasticity® Centers.

Once we are able to assess all the different cognitive functions, you get a report that looks like this:

Your results in percentage are listed for each game below.

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Token Search


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Double Trouble


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Spatial Planning


No results available at this time.

How do I know these results are accurate?

As with all of the assessments performed at Plasticity Centers, if we are going to put our name on it, our clinical and research team has done the rigor of making sure that is accurate, reproducible, and trustworthy. The assessments from Cambridge Brain Sciences have been created by Dr. Adrien Owen and his team, and have been researched and published, in more than 300 medical, peer reviewed publications. You can read one of their publications, which included testing on 45,000 individuals, and was published in one of the most prestigious medical journals, Neuron.

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You deserve to learn more

Would you like to know more about what these results mean? We would love to talk to you about them. You can schedule a call with our team to review the outcomes, and we can discuss what they may mean, in relation to your current situation, whether you are struggling with a neurological challenge, or if you're looking for a way to improve your health.

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