About the NeuroNetwork

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The Plasticity® NeuroNetwork for Clinicians

The NeuroNetwork is a Plasticity® Centers affiliate consisting of hundreds of doctors, therapists, social workers, and other professionals around the world who understand the potential of the practice of functional neurology. If you have been working with clients who are struggling to overcome a developmental hurdle or were affected by a loss of neurological function due to an injury or neurodegenerative condition, you are welcome to join the NeuroNetwork.

What’s in it for us? Our program is five days long. After identifying sub-optimal function, creating a customized plan, implementing it, ensuring its success, and delivering tangible outcomes, our clients need a partner that has agreed to work in lock-step with us to deliver on our transformational promise. We want you to be our partner.

What’s in it for you? In addition to clients follow-up care referrals with recommendations ranging between four to 12 weeks, we offer you neurological consultation with our team of doctors, opportunities to participate in the growth of Plasticity® Centers, and discount vouchers for your clients with whom you may be struggling to get across the finish line.

Our Global Reach:

Participants in the NeuroNetwork will have access to closed loop collaboration, group purchase opportunities, proprietary clinical tools and marketing materials, as well as research opportunities. There is absolutely no cost to join our network, and all that we ask is that you actively participate in our collective goal. To find out more about joining the Plasticity® NeuroNetwork, call us at 407-537-0955 or contact us today.


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